fredag 12 juni 2009


Nyheten om hadopi-lagens FAIL i Författningsdomstolen lade sordin på stämningen vid copyright-förespråkarnas toppmöte (eng) i Washington, berättar Écrans/Libération. Mer än så; den spred undergångsstämning.

Men så, plötsligt...tecken på självrannsakan.

Intellectual Property Watch
rapporterar - mycket läsvärt.

"...some content creators also lamented that instead of fighting for compensation with the advent of new technologies, they fought the technology - like the VCR - itself."

”We live in an age where we cannot block access to our content. People are going to get it one way or the other. We would like them to pay for it and we need to seek out ways where they can pay for it. But just saying ‘no’ isn’t the answer.”, säger Fritz Attaway, "executive vice president and senior policy adviser for the Motion Picture Association of America".

Eduardo Bautista, president of the management board of Spanish collective management group, Sociedad General de Autores y Editores, agreed, saying, “We’ve done a lousy job. We should have been fired.”

- Quid?