tisdag 18 augusti 2009

Alla Upphovsrättsstriders Moder I

För 1400 år sedan kopierade den iriske munken Columcille (Wikipedia, eng.) ett utdrag ur Psaltaren, i en latinsk översättning som var en annan munks privata egendom, och spred innehållet olovligt.
Den förfördelade munken, Finnian, sökte i raseri upprättelse hos kungen vilket resulterade i ett processliknande förfarande, som beskrevs av Manus O' Donnell i manuskriptet Betha Collaim Chille (Life of Columcille) år 1532:

Ur upphovsrättsdiskussion på 500-talet. O’Donnell skriver:

Do inneis Finden a sceila art us don righ, ass ed adubhairt ris: “Do scrib C.C. mo leabhur gan fhis damh fen,”ar se, “aderim corub lim fen mac mo leabhur.”
“Aderim-se,” ar C.C., “nach mesde lebhur Findein ar scrib me ass, nach coir na neiche diadha do bi sa lebhur ud do muchadh no a bacudh dim fein no do duine eli a scribhadh no a leghadh no a siludh fan a cinedachaib; fos aderim ma do bi tarba dam-sa ina scribhadh, corb ail lium a chur a tarba do no poiplechaibh, gan dighbail Fhindein no a lebhair do techt ass, cor cedaigthe dam a scribudh.”
Is ansin ruc Diarmaid an breth oirrdearc .i. “le gach boin a boinin” .i. laugh “le gach lebhur a leabrán.”

(- till varje ko sin kalv, till varje bok dess bok-barn)

I engelsk översättning (Irish Foundation Series of America, 1918):

"Finnen first told the king his story and he said “Colmcille hath copied my book without my knowing,” saith he “and I contend that the son of the book belongs to me.”

“I contend,” saith Colmcille, “that the book of Finnen is none the worse for my copying it, and it is not right that the divine words in that book should perish, or that I or any other should be hindered from writing them or reading them or spreading them among the tribes. And further I declare that it was right for me to copy it, seeing the was profit to me from doing in this wise, and seeing it was my desire to give the profit thereof to all peoples, with no harm therefore to
Finnen or his book.”

Then it was that Diarmaid gave the famous judgement: “To every cow her young cow, that is, her calf, and to every book its transcript. And therefore to Finnen belongeth the book thou hast written, O Colmcille.”"

Kung Diarmait mac Cerbaill (d. ca. 565) = Upphovsrättskramare

Colmcille and the Battle of the Book: Technology, Law and Access to Knowledge in 6th Century Ireland av Ray Corrigan, (2008) Edinburgh University, School of Law